Fix for iPad ‘Error 14′

[Updated with Win­dows 7 File location]

The update of my iPad to ver­sion 3.2.1 of iOS failed last night. iTunes reported that an ‘Error 14′ had occured (Not very help­ful) Sub­se­quent attempts at un-docking and re-docking resulted in iTunes try­ing and fail­ing to restore the device. Here’s how I fixed the prob­lem.

I even­tu­ally took a scroll through the crash dump which iTunes was sug­gest­ing I should send to Apple for analy­sis. It appeared from the logs that the updated OS image was fail­ing a check­sum ver­i­fi­ca­tion i.e. it had been cor­rupted dur­ing the down­load. A few min­utes of search­ing pro­vided the infor­ma­tion needed to fix the problem:

  1. Un-dock and shut­down the iPad (Note: You will not see the ‘Red’ power down slider in this state)
  2. Shut­down iTunes
  3. Delete the pre­vi­ously down­loaded soft­ware update file which you will find in these loca­tion depend­ing on your system:
    1. Mac Loca­tion: /users/<user name>/Library/iTunes/iPad Soft­ware Updates
    2. PC Loca­tion (Pre Win­dows 7): \Doc­u­ments and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Soft­ware Updates
    3. PC Loca­tion (Win­dows 7): \Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Soft­ware Updates
  4. Empty Trash’ to be on the safe side.
  5. Restart iTunes
  6. Dock iPad
  7. Fol­low the prompts to have iTunes down­load the OS upgrade again
  8. Once down­loaded iTunes should auto­mat­i­cally upgrade the iPad with the new OS and bring it out of restore mode.
  9. This will restore the iPad to fac­tory settings
  10. Once the fac­tory restore is com­plete iTunes will let you fur­ther restore the iPad from the most recent backup of the device before it encoun­tered the prob­lems. This should recover your apps, data and user settings.

I believe this fix will also work if you get ‘Error 14′ dur­ing an iPhone update. The down­load files will be found at the same loca­tions except in the ‘iPhone Soft­ware Updates’ directory.

I hope this helps if you been try­ing to recover from this very annoy­ing and frus­trat­ing problem.